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Take yourself on a date each week.

Take yourself on a date each week. This adviarter insisted on using a rock. I ran out of rocks in my bag so I went to find one in the car. The adviarter needed a rock to symbolize what happens when the weight of life and priorities presses down on a person’s passion, it can quickly flatten a person out. The advice is to love yourself each day and take yourself on a date each week to ensure we don’t end up smoothed out and eroded just like a rock. Replenish. Restore. Don’t get flattened by weight. The adviarter used drawings only–seven clocks, one for each day. Hearts surround the black clocks to remind me of the advice to love yourself. Black was used to contrast against the colors of the hearts and the backdrop rock color.

This rock is so incredibly fitting given the current snapshot of my life. I struggle with taking time for myself. This adviart reminding me of the consequences of not taking time for self–smoothing of the mind, being worn down, and not appreciating life and love. The conversation with the adviarter focused on a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron ( I find it so ironic that I have to put into my calendar one thing to do for myself each week but I am hoping over time this changes. The time function of the adviart probably stands out the most of anything from the drawing and conversation about advice. I am very time focused.

What is it about spending time with self, appreciating self, and knowing self that links to creativity? How does time factor into creativity? How do you learn to date yourself?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado
Take yourself on a date each week. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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