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Slow and steady. I am listening.

Slow and steady. I am listening. I am processing…This adviarter picked the shell for its linear quality and the black color because it is her favorite color. The shell is decorated on both sides–using a mix of words and pictures to express the advice. the outer part of the shell is drawn in the shape of a face–a face that is not looking directly at you but is looking down yet still processing information without the direct eye contact. The front of the shell is a reminder that speech should be given slow and steady–recognizing that audiences are processing and listening as the presentation moves forward. The back side of the shell is a seemingly contrasting open face with eyes open and almost a smile in the mouth. Question marks are all over the shell noting the processing of the information and the subsequent intrigue that is being worked through when processing information. The blue question marks contrast with the black writing. The processing symbolizing a reminder to think through outlines to lay out presentations to be more effective, create more impact.

Slow and steady are not in a typical tornado’s nature. Then again, there is merit to being a unique tornado–working on being slow and steady in order to make a greater impact on those that we work with or interact with in a personal setting. This shell is a great reminder that processing takes place in a person at different speeds–being able to relate to various speeds and providing more context for abstract work could only make the impact of Adviart stronger over time.

How can we focus on being slow and steady? What techniques can be used to encourage this focus over time? How do you still maintain energy and excitement–which drives speed in this tornado–yet ensure that you keep the attention and interest of those you are engaging with in a presentation? How can you tame the energy level and become more aware of your audience?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Slow and steady. I am listing. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

I am processing. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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