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Rest and do something fun when you are feeling troubled.

Rest, and do something fun when you are troubled & start to feel headache (whatever you like–sing, dance, cry, have sweets). This adviarter reminded me that if I should choose to sing, I should sing really loud. The shell was picked because of its large surface area. The green representing life and the pink representing vibrancy.

This adviarter made me think about what trouble means. How do we define trouble in our lives? How do we handle trouble when it comes towards us–do we think of trouble as a temporary state? I think listening to music might be one of my outlets–in addition to writing and talking. What I think about most with this adviart is that there is always a solution to moving through troubled times. I think about looking forward on my windshield and realizing that while I can always look back in the rear-view mirror to focus on the trouble, that I need to keep looking forward.

I also smile when I think about this shell because I realize that if I hear signing in the building, I know things are not going as well as they should.

What do you do when you are troubled?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Rest and do something fun when you are feeling troubled. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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