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Reflect. This adviarter picked the shell because of its shape–like a lens of an eyeglass. The lens is to represent perspective, the perspective that comes when you are able to reflect on experiences and opportunities. Reflect is in the center of the shell, in the center of the chaos of color on the shell. Multiple colors were used and the lines are spanning out from the reflection center–the colors and dashes representing all of the opportunities around us. The advice from the adviarter was to ensure that I reflect when thinking about the opportunities before me–to take time for self as things get more busy and exciting.

This advice is so creative–the shell shape is unforgettable. Reflection is something that I firmly believe in though for some reason, it is hard to find time to purposefully reflect over a long period of time. How can we carve out time for reflection? How do we know we are really reflecting?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Reflect. Gypsy Tornado 2012

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