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Life is all about patience.

Life is all about patience. This adviarter picked the piece of wood very quickly from the collection. The advice is life is all about patience–it is written in all capital letters and in bold, black marker. The rest of the wood is designed with colors symbolizing the many things in life that come to a person but the chaos that often comes with it.

The adviarter explained that this advice deals with both the ups and downs of life. At many points in life you need direction, but the reality is that patience is the only thing that allows us to interpret enough data to make a decision. Life is about the execution after the patience.

This adviart piece reminds me of a claw. As life claws at you–providing both opportunities and obstacles, we have to remember patience. I like the contrast of the black marker on the food with the design of chaos in the background.

How can we ensure that we are patience for life and answers?

xoxo Gypsy TornadoLife is all about patience. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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