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Identify what makes you happiest and pursue that.

Identify what makes you happiest and pursue that. The words written across the spine of the shell–each letter taking up a piece of the spine in big, bold capital letters. Simplistic in color selection–natural, direct, and concise. The adviarter chose to put the words on the bottom of the shell–not the top. This shell is positive, supporting, and yet actionable.

Happy. What is happy? How do you know what makes you happy–is it a feeling, an inclination, an idealistic thought? What about what make you happiest? The concept came up in conversation relating to a path that a high-achiever takes. At what point do we make a decision to make us happy–to incorporate happy into all of our decisions so that when we look back on our life we can have no regrets and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

So many people chase the dollar, the next title, the new social circle, but I wonder how many can say they are happy at the end. I see happy as the ability to be free to make my own decisions throughout life–free of constraints and able to make a choice at each fork in the road that is best for me. If I don’t take care of my happiness, no one else will and I’m pretty sure my ability to impact will decrease.

How do you fit happy into your life?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

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