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Follow your gut.

Follow your gut. This adviarter chose a piece of wood–he picked the one with the largest surface area. His advice was very easily articulated orally and creatively drawn out with multiple colors on the wood. The top of the wood has a drawing of a stomach in brown. The yellow lightning bult is supposed to represent how the gut reaction comes to a person. This gut reaction should be followed and contrasted to the brain (which is in blue). The equal sign with the line through it symbolizes the ability to not follow the analytical mind but to follow intuition.

How many times have I not followed my gut–too many to count? Why is it that the overly analytical brain takes over when making decisions–almost justifying them (good or bad) so that acceptance of the decision can be made possible? How can we be in tune with following our gut and that feeling of the yellow lightning bolt?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

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