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Follow Prussian ideals of tolerance and discipline.

Follow Prussian ideals of tolerance and discipline. This adviarter utilized her background to focus on a command to focus on tolerance and discipline. The colors are bold (red and black) and there is a mix of upper and lower case. The shell big enough to incorporate all of the letters easily and clearly for a reader.

When I think about tolerance and discipline, I think about structure. To be tolerant requires a structure of the brain that allows for open ideas and concepts. In essence, the structure of the brain (and being tolerant) is another form of discipline.  Discipline is one of my personal goals for 2012–discipline of the mind, body, and heart. The focus on discipline in relationship to being a Prussian ideal, makes me smile. I will always remember this adviarter as I work towards discipline across many aspects of my life. How do we keep tolerance and discipline in our lives on a daily basis? How can we be more tolerant–what steps can be taken on a daily basis to ensure tolerance?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Follow Prussian ideals--tolerance and discipline. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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