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Focus on your heart health.

Focus on your health health. This adviarter picked a tornado-like shell and placed it upside down. She decorated it with multiple colors symbolizing the breadth of life’s opportunities. Each compartment of life separated by a red line–the red lines are the blood in the heart. These lines of blood need to stay clear to keep the heart moving effectively. The adviarter’s advice noting that the shell looks like a heart and that keeping engaged requires a flow of blood pumping to each compartment. Being dynamic also requires a strong heart, therefore focusing on heart health is the advice. Noticeably on this shell–there are no words but the colors are intense and fill up the whole shell. The placement of the shell drawing my attention the most.

Heart health–I can’t say that this has been a huge focus of mine up to this point but I recognize its importance. The shell makes me think about the heart being the root of a bigger system. The heart the central focus to allowing the bigger system to function. How can we focus on our heart health? What are the ways in which we engage the heart to allow us to engage in all areas of life?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Focus on your heart health.

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