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Family and friends will always help.

F+F will always help. This adviarter picked a shell and instantly picked the color red to draw the red cross symbol for help. The patriotic colors reflecting this adviarter’s background in serving for the USA. A mix of words and drawings contrast with the coded F+F. I honestly can’t remember if it was family or friends or friends or family but in looking at analyzing this adviarter’s life–it would seem logical to have family first as this appears to be a huge focus of the adviarter’s life. The advice drawn boldly across the shell–but not in all capital letters. The advice learned from the experience of this adviarter and creatively displayed across the shell.

We don’t get to choose our family–but we choose the friends that become our family. As we get wrapped up in our pursuits of life, it is easy to get busy and focused on our mission. F+F will always be there at the end and during the season. When entrepreneurial ventures can seem hopeless–these F+F can come in and help provide support. I always wonder how it is best to engage F+F–sometimes tornado-like tendencies can be overwhelming and intense yet engaging this group is super important to overall happiness. So how can I engage my F+F consistently?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Family and friends will always help. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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