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Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the moment. This adviarter picked a shell and decided to use the shiny side. His design was quick–no words or complicated drawings were used. Instead, he placed a small blue dot on the bottom left of the shell. He picked blue because it is calming but noted that it was distinctively not Ohio colors (he went to Ohio). The advice coming from the adviarter’s experience but also his reflections on our conversation that we had in Fairfax.

I will remember this shell because of its abstract nature. This adviarter told his advice with a story and a very simple representation that made a lasting impression. Enjoying the moment is definitely difficult for me (sometimes). I think that enjoying the moment in a work versus a personal setting is different for me. I can enjoy the moment personally but in a professional setting, my eye is almost always on the prize (though that prize seems to change from time to time as I become more away and reflective.

How do you enjoy the moment? How do you know you are enjoying the moment?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Enjoy the moment. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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