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Continue to be courageous with your passion.

Continue to be courageous with your passion. This adviarter explained that the shell was picked because of the distinct central core–with a heart easily created around it. The heart symbolizing the passion that needs to come from the core in order for a tornado to be able to weather the path of being courageous when it will inevitably bump into other tornadoes that will try to bring it down. Being courageous is a command–keeping the fear in the past. The adviarter picked red to symbolize the heart and orange for the link of iMADdu (I make a difference do you?) to the mind. The passion of the heart needs to drive the passion of the mind. iMADdu is a platform to be able to do this in various different directions regardless of how the tornado spins and moves forward. Tornadoes experience extreme highs and lows–but focusing on the forward path will allow the courageous nature to continue.

When do we decide to be courageous? How do we learn courage over time and who is the best teacher of it? What experiences teach us to be courageous and to keep moving forward despite obstacles? How can the passion of the heart direct the mind? Where is the balance between the emotional passion of the heart and the rational thoughts of the head? Orange being such an interesting color–reminding me of my core in color choice in other aspects of my life. My challenge is to continue to strengthen the relationship between my passion and mind.

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Continue to be courageous with your passion. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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