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Color outside your comfort zone.

Color outside your comfort zone. This adviarter loves crabs and decided that this shell was perfect for explaining a story about how the process works of going outside your comfort zone. The adviarter wrote the word “natural” in black on the side of the shell. The color started in the back of the shell–every location where sand was still connected, dark green was used to color in the nooks. The dark green symbolized the peace found in natural comfort. Around the dark green is the light green. The light green represents how one feels light when trying something outside of his/her comfort zone. The white space represents the decision zone–whether to move forward with the new activity or experience or to go back to the comfort zone. The white space can make choices clear. Finally, the yellow space is the full light view where the new comfort zone is accepted. The process then begins again on the other side of the shell.

The adviarter took the time to pick each color and to explain the meaning of each color. To date, this was the adviart that had the longest explanation–most precise and defined. So how can we continue to color outside our comfort zone? Is it something that should be scheduled in a calendar? How do we know when to move towards the yellow or go back to the light green?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

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