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Build. This adviarter took three pieces of wood and one shell and constructed the adviart. There are no words or colors used. This adviarter chose to build his adviart because it focused on his strengths and passions (building with his hands) and to illustrate his advice in a unique fashion. The advice to “build” comes from the perspective of knowing how to manage a career moving forward. The adviarter noting that you have to know when to build or flee when it comes to choices on the table. At some points, you have to build for your career and personal life and at other times, you have to know when to move on in order to grow. There is a hands-on aspect of this adviart that is stronger than the others–this certainly aligns with my ideas on experiential learning.

This is the second piece of adviart that I have received that used a mixed-medium of shells and wood for a display. It is the first piece of adviart that I have received that had no color nor words. I had a very difficult time recreating this piece to take a photo on a black backdrop so I used the photo taken in the office. The build part is interesting because the three legs made out of wood need to be so structured in order to hold up the shell. To me, the tornado shell is so interesting because it holds together the base but still can shine on the top.

How do you make decisions on when to build and not to build? How do you factor many of the perspectives into a decision on a next stop in a career? How can you always ensure you are making memorable decisions?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Build. Gypsy Tornado 2012.


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