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Believe in the impossible.

Believe in the impossible. This adviarter took a scallop shell–liking the ability to write in bold, capital letters in blue across the shell. The shell is imperfect–with a missing part towards the bottom. Do we need to have everything perfect in order to believe in the impossible or not? The adviarter worked on trying to remove the sand, but it wasn’t possible. The adviarter then decided to work around the sand and make it happen.

Believing in the impossible makes me think about all the dreams we often table because we can’t get the perspective to make them real. How do I make sure that I continue to believe in my dreams (which might seem impossible at the moment)? Do friends show you the perspective needed to be able to own the impossible or at least the belief in the impossible? The positive shell brings me hope.

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

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