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Be yourself.

Be yourself. This adviarter took a shell and decided to create it in a fashion where you need to hold up the shell to see the full design. It is a mix of drawings and words. The word “be” is drawn out in the shape of a bee. There is a smiley face at the end. Yourself is written in bold letters. This adviarter advises that by being yourself, you allow authenticity to shine through in your communication. This authenticity builds trust and therefore makes it more possible to connect with others and share advice with them.

Being yourself is an amazing feeling–acceptance, security, and confidence all in one. I like how this adviarter held the shell differently to get his point across. Being yourself often requires that you stick out of a crowd–that you go against the grain. The reminder to stay true to self also has applicability to being happy.

So how do you ensure that you are being yourself? How do you know when you are moving away from your core?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Be yourself. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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