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Be yourself. You will never be sorry.

Be yourself. You will never be sorry. This adviarter picked a shell that was light in color so that she could use color for her wording to have contrast on the shell. The colors of pink and green are a great mix to this adviarter. The blue is an accent color that also goes well with the pink and green. The shell is in the shape of a fish. The adviarter drew in portions of the fish on the shell to make the shell more distinct. The advice from the adviarter comes from her own experience as a mother and as a student.

The adviarter explained that by being yourself (and never being sorry)–you have to be unapologetic for who you are. She encouraged me to seek why others might judge decisions or ideas but that in the end, we have to be comfortable with ourselves.

How can we ensure that we are accepting of ourselves and those around us? How can we be unapologetic each day that we move forward and show ourselves to the world?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Be yourself. You will never be sorry. Gypsy Tornado 2012.

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