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Be selfish like a shellfish.

Be selfish like a shellfish. Selfish is a tough word for me to understand. Selfishness has so many negative connotations. Perhaps it has been the selfish acts of some I have crossed paths with in life that impact the way that I cringe at the idea of being selfish (intentionally). The advice coming from the perspective of advising that each person has to take care of self before they can take care of others. The conversation evolved around how selfishness can be positive and challenging my interpretation of the word (enabling me to see other perspectives on the word). The shell is large and bold. The blue is the favorite color of the adviarter. Bold letters–in all caps indicate the necessity of the advice. The designs out to the ends of the shell describe the creativity and boldness needed to be selfish. So can you be selfish in priorities? Is it always a bad thing?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Be selfish like a shellfish. Gypsy Tornado 2012

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