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Balance the stars.

Balance the stars. This scallop shell reflects the balance of two stars. The stars represent health and fun. The dotted line between the two stars represents the delicate nature of the line between health and fun–the dots indicating that you can mix health and fun periodically over time. The scallop shell was an instant favorite pick by this adviarter. The blue representing a cool and mysterious color. The adviarter’s name written in Japanese on the back of the shell.

The idea behind the health and fun balance of the shell recognizes the fragility of life. Without focusing on health, one could move forward in life for a bit but will miss the opportunity to fully seize the fullest extent of opportunities (miss the train of life) if health issues get in the way. Having fun increases the ability to connect with others–enjoy life and the fruits of our labor.

So how can one be conscious of the balance between health and fun on a daily basis?

xoxo Gypsy Tornado

Balance the starts. Gypsy Tornado 2012

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