Connecting advice to art (adviart).

Self-study foci are used to analyze the adviart.

Dedicated to Dr. Anastasia P. Samaras for pushing  the appreciation of perspective, forming the self-study foci, teaching from a Neo-Vygotskian perspective, and pushing the docket in the Self-Study School. To entrepreneurship in academia.

The self-study foci include the five following facets (taken from Dr. Anastasia P. Samaras’ book: Self-Study Teacher Research: Improving Your Practice Through Collaborative Inquiry):

- Personal Situated Inquiry

- Critical Collaborative Inquiry

- Improved Learning

- Transparent and Systematic Research   Process

- Knowledge Generation and Presentation

The 2012 Adviart will satisfy each of the five self-study foci in order to be methodologically sound as a self-study project. Our core facets for analysis are evolving–details to follow.