Adviart Challenge

Connecting advice to art (adviart).

The Adviart Challenge connects advice to art.

Multidisciplinary thought, education, and experience are fundamental to entrepreneurship. The blending of the creative and the scientific.

Advice always has two perspectives–sometimes dominated by self-projection. So should we ever give advice or get advice? How do we take advice? How should an entrepreneur utilize advice or is it more about acknowledging perspective?

What is the 2012 Adviart (Advice to Art) Challenge?

Directions: If you could give one piece of advice (to Mona Anita Olsen) for 2012, what would it be? Pick a rock, shell, or piece of wood from the collection and design away. The designed rock, shell, or piece of wood should remind Mona of the advice when I pick it up. #youwillnothurtmyfeelings #therearenoboundaries

If you are interested in participating in the 2012 Adviart Challenge, please use our contact form. *Original influence from by Dr. Erica Wagner who planted seeds in 2003 that have brought the adviart challenge to life.